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Est. 1995

Asian Health Services Youth Program (AHSYP) has been committed to serving East Bay youth for over two decades through means of fostering their emotional, physical, and intellectual health through holistic, coordinated, youth-driven resources and opportunities. The department offers opportunities that include leadership, clinical services, community building, and advocacy.

Strategic Points: 

  1. Health Education

    1. Destigmatization re: mental health and sexual health

    2. Equipping youth with skills to address health inequities

  2. Nurturing leadership development

    1. Skills development and leadership opportunities for interns, fellows, and other facilitators 

    2. Present youth with information and resources to make self-informed decisions regarding their goals in education and work

  3. Advocacy

    1. Workshops/Education re: topics related to issues impacting marginalized communities


Looking for Clinical Services?


We offer the following at our


Family Planning Counseling


Emergency Contraception

STI Testing

HIV Testing & Treatment

Mental & Behavioral Health Services

Clinic happens on
1st & 3rd Tuesdays 4-6PM | In-person 
2nd Tuesday 4-6PM | In-person & Telemed

4th Tuesday 5-7PM | Telemed ONLY


The Staff & Team

Denise Lee_Pic.JPG

Denise Lee
Manager, Youth Program

Deena Doan.jpeg

Emily Yang
Community Health Advocate

Kenneth Phan
Community Health Advocate

Deena Doan
Community Health Advocate

Danielle Miguel
Community Health Advocate,

Contact Us

Office: 510.986.1024 | Mobile: 510.912.8598 | Email: | 310 8th St. Suite 102 Oakland, CA 94607

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