TUESDAYS 5-7PM | Asian Resource Center 817 Harrison St. Oakland, CA 94607
UPDATE:  We've moved and will be back on July 7, 2020! Start scheduling appointments now! 

The Spot Clinic offers free and confidential reproductive health and counseling services for youth ages 12-25 years old on a weekly basis. These services include contraception, emergency contraception, STI and HIV testing, pregnancy tests, and more. To schedule an appointment, drop by the Youth Program office or call our clinic mobile number 510.912.8598.

IWAY Wednesdays 4-5:30PM
High School | Up to $90 in Gift Cards
Facilitated By: Emily Yang

IWAY is a program series that focuses on improving wellness in youth through usage of creative mediums and preventative health. Emphasis is placed on self-care, mindfulness, reflection, and personal development. The space equips high school youth with the skills to better care for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Peer Leaders Every Other Tuesday 3-5PM
High School | $100 in Stipends/Gift Cards
Facilitated By: Danielle Miguel

Peer Leaders is a peer education program where participants gain the skills to better inform others and advocate on various topics in public health and medicine. Topics covered in Peer Leaders span anything from reproductive health to infectious diseases to environmental health, and present the opportunities for participants to work on real case studies each session as well as their own personal project throughout the semester.

Youth Ages 13-24 Years Old | $150 in Stipends/Gift Cards
Facilitated By: Danielle Miguel

GLOW is a program that trains youth to educate their peers in prevention and harm reduction practices specifically related to HIV, viral hepatitis, and substance use. GLOW Leaders go through a two day training and one day practice to sharpen their knowledge and hone their skills. They complete the program once each leader presents to 10 of their peers (13-24 years old) in Alameda or Santa Clara County.

Upgrade U  Every Other Wednesday 3-5PM
High School & College Students / Youth 12-25 Years Old
Facilitated By: Danielle Miguel

Upgrade U offers those 12-25 years old the opportunity to pick up skills and better prepare for the worlds of higher education and the professional workforce. The program covers topics that range between the college application process, workshops on financial literacy and professional development, and career panels for multiple fields and industries.

Cross Cultural Solidarity Committee  Every Other Friday 4-6PM
High School & College
Facilitated By: Danielle Miguel & Kenneth Phan

The CCSC is an open space series of workshops that dive into the work needed to be done or undone to collectively strive for liberation. In Fall 2020, the focus of the CCSC will be on the Asian American experience in parallel with supporting Black Lives. While the meeting spaces are open to public learning, committee members will take lead on projects (campaigns, forums, etc.) that apply concepts learned into action that best emulate youth advocacy and allyship while serving larger causes.